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Technical Specifications GC Hydraulic Excavator Engine Engine Model Cat 2 pumps) gal/min (57 × 2 pumps) Maximum Pressure. Hydraulic Excavator Technical Specifications (24") triple grouser shoes, mt (9, lb) Boom Cylinder – Bore mm 5 in. Created Date: 10/21/ PM. Nagoya Grampus (formerly Nagoya Grampus Eight) is a Japanese football (soccer) Toyota Stadium Corporation Sengoku-cho, Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, Japan. Come to the USA. Studying abroad is Community colleges in the US are 2-year schools for post-secondary education that serve as a pathway for © Youth For.

Description: An insecticide used to control public health insect pests.

Also used for flea control on domestic pets. Example applications: Waste dumps; Residences and public places; Some ornamentals.

Availability status: Current. Chemical structure: Isomerism A molecules with one chiral centre. The technical material is an isomeric mixture. Also available as bait and wettable powders.

Record last updated: Wednesday 03 April Contact: aeru herts. Support Information. Date inclusion expires. EU Candidate for substitution CfS. Listed in EU database. A molecules with one chiral centre. Chemical formula. No data. Pesticide type. Insecticide, Veterinary substance. Substance group. Minimum active substance purity. Known relevant impurities. Substance origin. Mode of action. A juvenile hormone mimic. Inhibits insect maturation process. CAS RN. EC number. CIPAC number.

US EPA chemical code. PubChem CID. Molecular mass g mol IUPAC name. CAS name. Other status information. Relevant Environmental Water Quality Standards. Not applicable. Examples of recorded resistance. Bemisia tabaci.

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Physical state. White granule solid. Sumitomo Syngenta BePharm Ltd. Example products using this active. Formulation and application details. Usually supplied as an emulsifiable concentrate that is mixed with water and applied as a spray for crops.

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  • Solubility - In water at 20 o C mg l Solubility - In organic solvents at 20 o C mg l A5 - n-Heptane. A5 - Methanol. A5 - Acetone. A5 - Ethyl acetate.

    Melting point o C. Boiling point o C. Degradation point o C.

    Flashpoint o C. Not expected to self ignite; Not highly flammable. Octanol-water partition coefficient at pH 7, 20 o C. Log P. Dissociation constant pKa at 25 o C. Note: Weak acid. Vapour pressure at 20 o C mPa.

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    Low volatility. GUS leaching potential index. Low leachability.

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    Estimated concentrations of chemicals with Koc values greater than ml g -1 are beyond the scope of the regression data used in SCI-GROW development. If there are concerns for such chemicals, a higher tier groundwater exposure assessment should be considered, regardless of the concentration returned by SCI-GROW. Potential for particle bound transport index. Maximum UV-vis absorption L mol -1 cm Surface tension mN m General biodegradability.

    Soil degradation days aerobic. DT50 typical. DT50 lab at 20 o C. DT50 field. DT90 lab at 20 o C. DT90 field. DT50 modelling endpoint. EU dossier lab studies DT50 range 2. Dissipation rate RL50 on plant matrix. Dissipation rate RL50 on and in plant matrix.

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  • Aqueous photolysis DT50 days at pH 7. Moderately fast. Natural light, 43N.

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    Aqueous hydrolysis DT50 days at 20 o C and pH 7. Stable pH 4 to pH 9, 50 degC. Water-sediment DT50 days. Water phase only DT50 days. Linear K d. Notes and range. Freundlich K f. K foc. Formation medium. Estimated maximum occurrence fraction. Minor fraction, Relevant. RS 2-pyridyloxy propionic acid.

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    Metabolite name and reference. Metabolising enzymes. RS hydroxypropyl 4-phenoxyphenyl ether. RS 2-pyridyloxy propyl alcohol. Bio-concentration factor. BCF l kg

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